On a day in 1997,  precisely on 15.08. three successfull forwarding agents who at that time were already looking back on nearly 50 years of experience  made up their minds to conquer the world of transport together.

The company was named TRIOLOG, a memorable and distinctive name for the new born company.

From now on the company should make it’s way, only heading in one direction: upwards. All beginnings are difficult and it was such for the three new born entrepreneurs. For a start 20 sqm rented from a forwarding collegue in Neuss-Allerheiligen had to be sufficient to boost business. Within a short period of time, however, the three new born entrepreneurs found their way on the transport market and, even at this early stage, they were able to convince their customers of their Know-How. Only few weeks later the workload became impossible for only 3 people, so Triolog’s first office worker for financial affairs / administration was employed.

The following 10 months flew by and, with a great sense of achievement, it was time to leave the `birth place` in Neuss-Allerheiligen in May 1998. Highly enthusiastic and together with 5 new employees they moved into their first forwarding facilities in Neuss-Hoisten. A storage area of 1.600 sqm in the proximity of the offices now became  the home of TRIOLOG for nearly 9 years to come.

In 2006 the thriving business situation as well as growing specific customer requirements necessitated to look for new and more spacious forwarding facilities. Again TRIOLOG proved entrepreneurial skills and found new premises in Dormagen where the company has been located ever since.

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